Meet and Greet with Yeng Constantino โ™ก

One rockin' night with Yeng Constantino. โ™ก

05/17/13. Last night was a blast! I got to meet the Rockstar Princess, Yeng Constantino, personally. Well, we actually watched her perform live and I even had a CD with her autograph.

At around 5pm, Terence tweeted me that he wanted to go to Robinson’s Tagaytay because Yeng was there. He asked me if I wanted to go. I also asked Fhei if she can come. But she didn’t reply and her phone was out of reach. So we’ve decided not to go. But I really wanted to see her. So I asked Mom if we could go. Luckily, she agreed. We went there at around 6pm. When we go there, they are already selling Yeng’s album. Ate Anna and I bought CDs. I was so amazed when I saw her on stage. Ang puti nya! She’s stunning. She’s not chubby, she’s petite, actually. She performs well live. She totally rocked that night! \m/ After her performance was the autograph signing and picture taking. Since we bought CDs, we also got her autograph and I got to meet and greet her plus pictures! I feel so blessed last night. Beso and hug pa! :”> I love Yeng because her songs have meaning. It’s not nonsense even it is OPM, I don’t find it corny or whatsoever. She sing well too. She loves God above all. And she is simple. ๐Ÿ™‚

Radiologic Technologist’s Work of Art

A Radiologist's Work of Art

This is our final output in one of our subject last semester. This is a radiograph and we call it a work of art! Haha. We used an orange, corn, pepper, and beans. We made some mistakes while doing this. Haha. It didn’t meet our professor’s expectation. But the outcome or all in all it was good though.

We consider our radiograph our work of art ๐Ÿ™‚