Current Favorites | 02

I decided to re-catogorize my Monthly Favorites into Current Favorites since updating it monthly would make no sense because I only accumulate few stuffs each month. And you know I am not consistent. Hahaha! So for past two months here are the stuffs that I like:

Nichido Pressed Powder in Tan

I saw this first on Michelle Dy‘s video and there are so many good reviews about it so I bought it. It only costs 100.00 pesos. Tan is already their darkest shade though. This powder is so good!

Shawill Eyelash Curler

I only bought this for 49.99 pesos from the SM Department Store. To be honest, I had second thoughts in buying it because it might not do the job at all but the saleslady let me try it so I can compare it with the other brands. But to my surprise, it curls my lashes very well unlike the other local brands. It even comes with spare rubbers. I love it when local brands surprise me with their quality.

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation in B2

I finally bought a foundation that matches my skin and it has yellow tone. Easy to blend + no caking. 👍 I bought it last Maybelline’s holiday sale. This foundation is good! Well, for me. I have a combination type of skin. Nichido Pressed Powder and this foundation are the duo for me.

So Pink Body Fragrance and Sense of Calm Room & Linen Spray from Memo

So Pink is my go to body spray as of the moment. I bought it for only 179.00 pesos while the mini bottle Sense of Calm is only 99.00 pesos. I so love the room and linen spray. The scent is not that strong but it stays on the fabric for a long time. It makes me want to stay in my room and lay on my bed all day.

Mini Brush from Pagnini Collectition

I bought this brush for only 60.00 pesos from the SM Department Store. It is very handy that’s why I bought it.

Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Toner

This is my current toner as of the moment. I like this toner because it so gentle to the skin. The 100mL bottle only costs 70.00 pesos. I’ve been using this for almost a month now and I am really liking it.

KJM Lip and Cheek Tint

Dolled is my favorite shade. This lip tint is a must have for every girls. It gives you a natural look. Lakas maka fresh! By the way, I have a review on this product. Click here for my review and swatches about this product.

T-shirt in Army Green from Culture

Joseph gave this shirt to me last Christmas. It was actually for men but it doesn’t matter to me. I like the army green color and the design, plus it is super comfy af! Thank you, babe! ❤ I actually like buying t-shirts on the men’s section because they always have my size. Chubby problems!

Starbucks Planner 2017

Welcoming 2017 also means having a new planner and of course, I got this mermaid planner from Starbucks. Collecting stickers and getting a planner from Starbucks became one of my Christmas tradition. It is actually my fourth planner from Starbucks. 🙂

Shockproof Case for Oppo F1s

Shockproof case is a must for mobile phones. It protects your phone from damage when it hit the floor. I got mine in gold and I bought it from @casingpavements.

Favorite Songs

The Other by Lauv

Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars

Paris by Chainsmokers


4 thoughts on “Current Favorites | 02

  1. lingoongeung

    Relate to that collecting Stickers from Starbucks and getting the Planner 🙂 Also, your post reminds me that I have that Planner, I have forgotten to use it and it’s already halfway January, lol.

    1. I wanted to buy a different planner sana because I got disappointed with the 2016 planner. Pero they released a good one naman this year so I had decided na to stick with Starbucks planner. 😊

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