Life Lately Vol.6


Many things happened for the past few weeks and it’s all about FOOD! I haven’t done any workout, just pig out! Yay! So much love for food and perks of being unemployed, I can adjust my schedule and go wherever I want to. XD

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Review & Swatches: Kissproof Soft Lipstick 005 and 009


I finally had the guts to post something about “Beauty” in this blog. Haha! I am currently obsessed with lipsticks and I don’t know why! Maybe I was really looking for a matte lipstick that is really ‘transfer proof’ and I think I finally found it. So let me share with you my first impression on this lipstick.

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Photo Diary: National Museum of the Philippines



National Museum of the PhilippinesTaft Avenue, Erminta, Manila

I assume it is my first time to be here last June 2015. I actually want museum trips. I appreciate every art work and it makes me think of the past. Seeing some of the art work, I can really it’s tragic. But there are some art works that are nice and calm. There are also portraits of different people from different places. I can say that the people in the past are really expressive because they made a lot of art works that have meaning in their lives.

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Radiologic Technology


As I’ve mention, I graduated at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute majoring Radiologic Technology (2015) but with my past experiences, not all people are aware about my course in college. We are sometimes mistaken for being a radio technician, nurse, doctor, or whatsoever. For the first time in my blog, I want to discuss anything or everything about being a Radiologic Technologist. What do we do, what are we for, and how do we work in a medical team. So, let’s get this started =)

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