Elaine D.


Aspiring blogger from Tagaytay City, Philippines. I am just a simple girl who has deep thoughts, fierce passions, dreams, goals, and ambitions. I don’t give up easily especially to the things that I love, things that I do, and to the people I love. My ultimate dream is to travel around the world. I love to explore and try new things. I love foods, sweets, sunsets, anything fancy and cute, panda, kdrama, and a lot more. I’m a self proclaimed writer at Wattpad.

I graduated from De La Salle Health Sciences Institute major in Bachelor of Science in Radiologic TechnologyBatch 2015! Soon to be RRT.

Know more about me on my GET TO KNOW ME post.

Makeup enthusiast. Food lover. Frustrated photographer. 


Wild And Sassy is a personal blog where I document all my love for makeup and food, and also all the things I’ve been through. This blog is my place where I say what I want and post about my personal life or anything under the sun. I mostly blog about product reviews since I am into makeup and skin care products lately.

I started blogging since October 2009. It all started when I joined an online forum, FTalk. I met some bloggers and writers there and it inspired me to make one. I used Tumblr first where my blog served as my diary. I switched to WordPress last 2012.


November 15, 2016. I got my own domain! From xxqueen.wordpress.com to wildandsassy.com. One of my achievement this 2016. Congrats, self. ❤


All the contents of this blog (also the photos) are written by Elaine Dogelio unless otherwise stated. Please do not steal or use it without my permission.

Happy reading!♡

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