St. Claire Monastery

Monasterio De Sta. Clara

Katipunan, Quezon City.

I went here with Joseph during our review days in Manila. We rode the LRT2 going to Katipunan. Travel time is less than 30minutes, I guess. From there, you can just walk to your right and under the bridge. You can see the vendors right from the outside of the monastery.

St. Claire Katipunan is known for an egg for a prayer. People who visit here offer eggs. Many people visit the monastery for some reasons. But for Joseph and I, we went there because of our board exam. It was my first time to visit St. Claire, I just heard it from my cousins and aunts. They told me to go there before the day of examination.

So before we entered the church, we already bought eggs and sampaguita flowers. We bought the a dozen of eggs in blue one because it said that blue is for everyone who will take the board exam. They have different colors and it signifies you prayers. We bought the dozen of eggs for Php 80.00 while the half dozeon of it costs Php 35.00. The sampaguita flowers are still Php 10.00.


As you enter the gate of this church, you will see this wishing fountain and St. Claire. Most of the people offer their sampaguita flowers and pray novena to St Claire here.


This photo was taken inside the church. They conduct mass here everyday. It think it’s from 6:00am.

Click here for the map.

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