My Current Skin Care Routine

When I was in high school up until 3rd year college, I don’t really care about skin care products or even make-up. It only changed when I was in 4th year college where we started our internship program. My pimples got crazy and scars are all over my face. I really didn’t like it. Joseph also experienced  the same thing and we started to use different products for our face. We even tried different facial salons at the mall.

Let’s Face It Anti-Acne Set

A friend of Joseph recommended Let’s Face It products, specifically this Anti-Acne set. At first, I was afraid to try this because there are some products like this that makes the skin peel a lot and makes the face pinkish or reddish. I don’t think that’s healthy.

I am using this product for almost two years now, and I can say it really did great on my skin. Just remember, we all have different types of  skin. This product is fine with me but it does not guarantee that it will give the same results with you. If you have a sensitive skin, you may consult your dermatologist first.

This set includes a whitening and anti-acne blemish bar soap, medicated lotion, medicated cream and whitening sunblock cream. There are some steps in using this product.

Whitening and Anti-Acne Blemish Bar Soap

First Step: Wash your face with this bar soap

This whitening and anti-acne blemish bar soap contains 90grams. As you can see, it has two parts. The first part is for whitening and the second part is for anti-acne. When I first used this soap, I already felt the effect. It’s a bit drying that’s why the product includes the cream. After a week of using it, my skin peeled a bit but it didn’t make my skin really red.

Medicated Lotion

Second Step: Use this medicated lotion  (Use with clean cotton)

This the toner. It comes in 120mL bottle and 60mL bottle. If you have a lot of pimples, I can say that it can be painful at first. But after some time, it will heal and dry up. When you use this, you can really tell that it really cleans your face. You will see the residue on the cotton.

Whitening Sunblock Cream (Day Use) and Medicated Cream (Night Use)

Third and last step: Apply this cream.

The whitening sunblock cream is for day use. It will protect your skin from the sun and whitens your skin. On the other hand, the medicated cream is used at night. It  heals your pimple scars and makes your face soft and  smooth.


You might be asking for some proof, so here are some of my photos from 2014 where I started my internship program. No filter. As you can see, I had a lot of pimples and they even became  scars.


And this is my recent photo. 2016. No filters. No make-up, even powder. I only saw the huge difference when I was browsing my photos on phone. I saw my past photos and I was like, “Seriously?” . During  my graduation pictorial last 2015, the make-up artist gave me compliments on my face because he only had to put light make-up on me. I still get pimples but it happens rarely. And when I have it, it vanishes inn just 2-3 days.

P.S. I have moles on my forehead. They’re not pimples.

This set costs 600-700 pesos. You can also buy the products separately. It is available on every Let’s Face It Salon counter. You can ask the staff for more info.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really like the results on me and I just want to share it with you, guys. If you have something I want to review or talk about, please comment it down below. =)



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