Happy New Year!


Another year has ended. 2014 turned my world upside down. I lost my Mom, my boyfriend and I had our relationship on the rocks, I had to live independently, and many more. But I am still thankful for this year. It may not be what I wanted but it taught me a lot of lessons. It made me stronger and better. I now I am armed and ready for another year for 2014 made me into the person I am today.

Now I want to thank Papa God for everything he had given to me for the past few years. I know they are not what I wanted but I know you have reasons. Thank you for all the blessing you’ve given to me and thank you for all the hardships for it made me a strong person. Thank you for my family who never left me when I needed them and who support me in everything I do. I also want to thank my boyfriend for being there for me always, for supporting me and believing in me. And of course, for my friends who were there for me during my dark days. For their nonstop support and care for me. Thank God I have all of them! Let’s make more memories!