Bloggers United 12


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Current Favorites | 01


I can’t believe it’s December already! We only have a month left for 2016. Time flew way too fast and I didn’t even know what happened to me this 2016. So as we welcome the new month, I’d like to share with you my NOVEMBER FAVORITES. I finally get the chance to do this blog series. Most of the products I’ll be mentioning are makeup products and I’ll give a mini review for you.

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3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge | Day 2


I was nominated by Maggie ( to do this 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge. Again, thank you for nominating me! If you haven’t seen my Day 1, click here. I know I am late with my Day 2. Sorry for that! My laptop is broken and I am just borrowing my cousins laptop for now. I only borrow it during weekdays and at night when he’s asleep. Haha! So yeah, here’s my Day 2.

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