My Mom

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This part of my blog is for my Mommy Laila. She passed away at the age of 67 last March 15, 2014. She was diagnosed with late stage cancer months before she left.

My Mom was an elementary teacher here in Tagaytay City and she retired at the age of 65. She was loved by most of her students since she started teaching. They even contact her even they’re already abroad and they give her chocolates, lipsticks, or perfumes when they come back to the Philippines. They never seem to forget her. According to most of her students, she was a great teacher and a very kind mother to them.

She raised me as a single parent. At first, she hid her pregnancy to some of our relatives and to my Dad as well. But of course, she can’t keep me for so long. She was really brave to introduce me to the public that. She was also hardworking because she was able give my everything I needed and some of the things I like. She spoiled me with her love. She was able to send me to La Salle as well. For all we know, going to that school really costs that much. I am very proud of her as my Mom. She always thought of my future. It’s like everything she did is for me and I am very thankful for that.

Well, about her love life, my Mom never got married. Her first and only true love happened to be my Dad. She really loved him until the day she passed away. I know how much she loved him because I saw it in her and I felt it. Their love story was one of a kind. I know I don’t know every detail but I know my Mom was really happy because of Dad even though he hurt her so many times. And I guess that’s true love.


I am blessed to have her as my Mom. She was 47 when she gave birth to me. Most people who don’t know us thought that she was my grandmother and they’re surprised to know that she was my Mom. We always go out and bond at the mall and I remember those funny moments with her! We also love to eat on different restaurants. That’s one thing I miss about her!

We didn’t expect everything that happened for the past two years. She was diagnosed with late stage cancer and it was already late when we learnt about it. I never thought of me without her, so I really had so much adjustments. I lost the best Mom, my bestfriend, my sister, my everything. And I was left alone.

It’s been a year already and I still haven’t adjusted very well. I’ve decided that I will still continue our dream, the dream we planned together, even if she’s not here. I will travel around the world, I will buy a car, I will buy my own house, etc. I will still continue that because even if she’s not here physically, she’s always in my heart.


Thank you for everything, Mom! I miss you so much. I wish we could be together again but I know that will be impossible. You left me here alone. But don’t worry, I know you raised me up so well. You raised me to be like you, to be a brave, hardworking, caring, determined, positive, and a loving woman. I love you so much. Mom!


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