Moved to Blogger. 

Hi guys! Sorry if I haven’t updated this blog. The reason for that is.. I have moved to Blogger. I also transferred some of my top posts so if you are looking for that, please do check my current blog.I am hoping that you would still support me. Thank you so much!

Please visit my blog and show some love. ❤❤ 



6 thoughts on “Moved to Blogger. 

    1. Tbh, I just want to take my blogging experience to the next level. I want a customized theme and I want to have nuffnang/ads. I only use the free version of WordPress. Nuffnang is not available with WordPress free version and even AdSense because WordPress doesn’t allow javascript/css. I had two options before I moved. WordPress (.org) self host or Blogger. Many of my friends told me that WordPress self hosted is the best option but to me, I actually don’t want to spend money again. So in the end, I chose Blogger.

      1. Oh, I see. I was also wondering about Nuffnang at first, if it was possible here on WordPress. (I once considered applying as a blogger under them.) But thanks to your comment, I now have an idea why a lot of people are using Blogger as a platform.

        Thank you, and good luck!

      2. Yes. I’m using WordPress Free, mainly because I found that drafting posts using this platform was easier. (Another factor would be my previous experience with WP during my stint as a member of an anime blogging group some years ago.)

        Haven’t had a lot of cons with it, save for the occasional HTTP error when uploading pictures.

      3. I agree with you. It is easier to write posts here. They also have an app for mobile phones. I can just update using my smartphone. That’s what I like about WordPress free.

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