Bloggers United 12


Bloggers United 12 was held at World Trade Center, Pasay City last December 10, 2016. It was my first time to attend this event and I had so much fun. I also won 2 entrance tickets from Crissey Si ( Thank you so much, Crissey! 😉 I asked my niece to accompany me. I know she wanted to meet her favorite Youtube vloggers as well. I came all the way from Tagaytay City for this event. Haha! It is so worth it! 🙂

I had some personal issues before I actually went to this event. Sobrang sabaw! I almost cried! Good thing I didn’t give up and I still went there. Another good thing, my boyfriend was very supportive of me and he helped me with my personal issues. He was from his night shift that’s why he can’t come with me on that day.

The main reason why I really wanted to come to this event is because of Kryz Uy (ThirstyThought)’s book signing event for her book Behind The Blog. I really like her Youtube channel and I just love everything about her. She became my inspiration in blogging and in everything. We arrived at the venue at around 11:45 am. I was so happy when I met her. I was amazed to the point I got tongue-tied and trembled. She is so pretty and kind! I can’t believe I had a photo with her. We even took selfies together!

And of course, I also went there to meet my favorite PH bloggers and vloggers. Fangirl-ing mode: ON. 🙂

We also saw David Guison, Cha Ocampo, Jasmine Curtis Smith, Slater Young, etc. We just didn’t get our photos taken. There were many people on the venue. We had so much fun we didn’t get to take more photos. Hannah brought her camera with her but we only used it twice. I didn’t know what we were I thinking! We just used my Oppo F1s.

These photos are not on the best quality but I treasure them so much. I know it was still early to go home at 4 o’clock in the afternoon but we just have to. Hannah has her band rehearsal at 6pm and we know it will be traffic on our way home since it’s Saturday. To be honest, it took me 4 hours to get home. Hassle! The traffic is insane during weekends!

Girl Stuff, OLX, and Travel Book had their booth there. Girl Stuff had their free nail polish application there. I got my canvass bag with freebies from OLX and I got a GetGo card from Travel Book. Thank you so much OLX and Travel Book! I also got my book signed and there’s also a freebie from Kryz Uy. Thank you so much to the organizers of Bloggers United 12! Thank you for making BU12 possible. 🙂

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