Review: iWhite BB Holic

This BB Holic from iWhite is the bomb! It only costs 24.50 pesos and is available in Watsons, Mercury Drugstore and any department stores.

As seen on the packaging, it claims to give natural looking coverage and provides the benefit of both skincare and make-up. It is also infused with over 10 plant extracts to ensure that the skin is taken care of while looking refreshingly beautiful.

It has two shades, light and beige. I bought mine in light without knowing that there are two shades. I thought they only have one shade. Lol! But I don’t regret it because the light one is just the right shade for me. It has the yellow undertone.

I thought this product has high coverage. On the first application, I suddenly realized that it’s just a bb cream not a foundation. So don’t assume. As I apply it, I was really impressed. Although it has light coverage, it does the job well. It gives a natural look but it evens out the redness. The consistency is not watery but when you apply it on the face, it is so easy to blend. A little amount can already cover your face. It is very light on the face as well. Feels like you’re not wearing anything. It even makes your skin a bit softer. Set it with powder. It has a scent but I can’t describe it well. The scent won’t last though.

1st photo. Nothing on my face.

2nd photo. Half of my face with bb cream and the other half is without.

3rd photo. Full face with bb cream.

4th photo. Full face with bb cream set with my Fashion 21 two way cake powder.

I am really impressed with this product. It even lasts long all through out the day. The first time I tried it, it was 6am in the morning. I set it with my Fashion 21 Two Cake Powder. I went out for some errands and got home by 8pm. I thought my make up was already worn off since I was out all day. I only retouched once with powder. I used my Sansan make up remover and I saw the bb cream as I wipe it off. It stayed for a long time maybe because I have dry skin. With Anne Clutz review, it can only stay for 5 hours for oily skin. Still, not bad.

I recommend this for students and girls who are just starting in make up. It is super affordable and good for everyday use. One sachet can be used twice or thrice. Since it has two sachet, it can be used four to five times. Not bad right? It also very handy, good for travelling. Just don’t forget to seal it again.

5/5 for this product! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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