Cafè Seolhwa, Solenad 3, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Bingsu or bingsoo is a very popular and elaborate snack/dessert in Korea, especially during the summer season. This snack is composed of ice shavings and various ingredients such as sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, various fruits such as strawberries, kiwifruit, and bananas, small pieces of tteok (rice cake), chewy jelly bits, and cereal flakes. It is often topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt. The most popular variety is patbingsu made with sweetened azuki beans (known as 팥, pat). -Wikimedia

To be honest, I got disappointed with my first try of this Bingsu. To me, there’s nothing really special or maybe the one that I ordered was just not tasty than the others. But what I can say is, for a 200+ pesos, it is already worth it. The solo size is already good for 2 people. It’s also a good place to relax and have time with your friends. The place is also good.

For more info, click here

Cafè Seolhwa

Solenad 3, Sta. Rosa, Laguna



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