Sunday Currently Vol. 1

I’ve been busy with my life lately and I haven’t blogged anything since I started working. During my free time or day off, I just want to sleep and get lazy all day.

Nothing very much happened for the past few weeks. I kinda enjoy my current job. I also did a haul, make up and girl stuffs. We also celebrated out 5th anniversary last September 1. Aww! ❤️


The Accidental Bride by MoonLightPurple in Wattpad. I’ve been reading lots of Wattpad stories lately. I’m actually not in the mood to read actual books at the moment.


This blog post. I actually wanted to write this Sunday Currently last week but I didn’t have much time. There also some stuffs that I want to post, so watch out for that. 🙂


Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey. Not really a super fan of The Chainsmokers nor Halsey but I’m really hooked with this song since they first released it. I like the beat and the song sounds really good.


Meh? Lol! It’s my day off today and I want to sleep and get lazy all day.


I am hoping for something very important but I don’t want to post it yet because it is not yet confirmed. But I am really looking forward for that one. I really hope that “it” would happen.


More money so I can shop more! Lol. My addiction needs to stop. From make up, bags, shoes, perfumes and many more.


A vacay! I know this is not possible yet but I know I need it. I need to unwind and relax.

Photo is above is mine. If you have any suggestions on what you want to see on my next blog post, feel free to comment it down below. I will try to be active as often as I could despite my busy schedule. Thank you for reading! 😉

Elaine 💋


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