Fake Make-Up Products

There are so many SG authentic or fake make-up in the market nowadays. And as we all know, it is NOT safe to use those kind of make-up because we don’t know the ingredients used.

For a tipid girl like me, it’s hard to spend too much money just for make-up. And to be honest, I even tried buying fake or SG authentic make-up not just once but thrice. Hahaha! For my first experience, I bought a fake Mac lipstick for 100 pesos. I tried swatching some of the lippies at the back of my hand. And to my surprise, it is so hard to remove! An ordinary tissue wasn’t enough to remove it. After three days the stain on the back of my hand was still there even I always wash my hands and I even take a bath regularly. I don’t consider the longevity of that lipstick as a good thing. It makes me wonder about the ingredients of the lipstick. For my second experience, I bought a fake LimeCrime Velvetine in the shade Cashmere for 100 pesos. I bought it on the same store where I bought the fake Mac lipstick. The first time I saw it, the shade was really different from the photos I see from the internet. It’s more on the pink shade and as far as I know it is supposedly on a faded violet shade. Correct me if I am wrong. On my first application, my lips got really itchy! I had to remove it with my make-up remover because it can’t be wiped with an ordinary tissue. I also got scared because my lips might get irritated. I never used it again! On my last experience, I bought an SG authentic Colourpop matte liquid lipstick in the shade Limbo for 150 pesos (different store). I was hesitant to buy it because of my past experience with fake lippies. But I don’t know what was I thinking, I still bought it. I told the salesman about my past experience and he told me that the product that I bought last time were China products. They told me that they’re not selling those China products, but they are selling “SG authentic” products. On my first application, I didn’t experience any irritation or itchiness although it’s a bit heavy on the lips and it’s really drying. The shade on the tube doesn’t match the color of the lipstick when you apply it. The shade of the liquid lipstick was darker from the shade on the tube. I was really disappointed.

Disadvantages of using fake make-up products:

  • It’s not safe to use. There’s a high chance that your skin might get irritated.
  • Most of them have no manufacturer or any label on the packaging. They just copy the original packaging so they won’t tell you where it is originally from.
  • You might think that the formulation was almost the same with the original but it is actually not. Do not be deceived by these products. For a cheap price, we do not know the actual formulation.
  • The quality of the fake make-up products is far from authentic products.

With my past experiences in buying fake make-up, I won’t recommend it to you whether it is Made in China or SG Authentic. I would rather recommend local products or drugstore brands. Aside from being authentic, they are also budget-friendly. You can search the internet for some dupes if you can’t afford high end brands. You can watch Michelle Dy’s video about high end products and their dupes on Youtube (Click here!). Please do watch it because you can get some useful ideas. Don’t buy fake Kylie lipkit just for instagram worthy photos or just to join the bandwagon.

Do you have any experience in buying fake or SG authentic products? Please do share it with me! Comment down your experiences or if you have questions. Thank you!

P.S.. Photo above is not mine. Credits to the owner. Grabbed it from Facebook.

Elaine 💋


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