Life Lately Vol. 8


I was a bit inactive for the month of June and July because of my licensure examination. I had to focus and review for the month of June. I didn’t post any Life Lately since then. Many things happened for the past two months and I think I’ll do just a quick recap about that.


I had to focus on my review and I barely go out. I only go out for once or twice a week. Joseph also got his job as a Radiologic Technologist at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I was really happy for him. 🙂 Nothing much really happened except for my birthday. I celebrated my 22nd birthday last June 25 and if you want to know more on what happened on my birthday, you can click here.

I also got sick and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD). It was really hard for me since I had to change my lifestyle. I had to eat on few amounts and I was told not to drink sodas, coffee, tea, fruit juice and many more. It’s really hard for me since I always drink iced tea and soda but now I have to lessen it and drink more water.


This is the month where so many things happened. I took my licensure examination last July 4 and 5 at St. Jude College, Manila. Andrea accompanied me and we just stayed at Getz Hotel. I waited for the results for almost two weeks. PRC released it last July 15, and for the second time, I failed. I really cried hard again, but life still goes on. It may not be my year. I already thought of giving up and not to take the examination next year but my friends and Joseph is very supportive. They gave me motivation not to give up. I am so thankful them in my life.

This month is also Joseph’s birth month. He celebrated it with his family and I was invited. I gave him a cake from Conti’s as a gift.

For my next plan in my life, I’ve decided to work already. I applied in a hospital last week and I think I’m in. I’ll just have my medical and give my requirements. I hope I won’t get really busy so I can still update this blog as frequently as I could. I am so into beauty products lately and I’ve been watching a lot of make-up tutorials. Haha! So if you want me to review a product or if you have something  to recommend, please comment it down below.

I am hoping for more blessings to come despite the failure I’ve experienced again this month. 🙂

Elaine 💋


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