Review: L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation

My first foundation was from LOL and the shade doesn’t really suit me. I bought it last 2015. That’s the time when I still don’t have any idea about make-up and I was just starting to watch beauty vlogs. So yeah, I got the wrong shade. Haha! I still used it for quite some time and last week I realized that I should buy a foundation that suits my skin. I’ve decided to give this liquid foundation from L’Oreal a try. Many YouTubers say that it is one of the best drugstore foundation but it’s a bit pricey compared to others.

This foundation caught my attention when I saw L’Oreal’s post on Facebook that they’re having a sale on the True Match products for the month of July 2016. From 600 pesos original price, you can purchase it for just 450 pesos. Promo lasts until the end of the month.

As you can see on the packaging, it is very simple. It is on a glass bottle/container with a pump and clear plastic cap. Since it is on a glass packaging, it not good for travelling, I guess.

When I went to the mall, I tried to swatch it and I fell in love with it instantly! Although it is in liquid form, it has a matte finish and it is not sticky at all. It covered the redness on my face but it didn’t cover some of my pimples. With that, I can say that it has medium to light coverage. When you apply it on the face, you can’t actually feel that you’re wearing a foundation. It’s super light on the face. And before I forgot, be careful on pumping it out because the liquid is diluted or a bit watery. In applying this foundation, I think it’s best to use your clean hands or with a brush.

I just don’t know if I got the right shade. I got the shade F2 Porcelain. I think it is the lightest shade. Sometimes, I find this shade very light to me, but sometimes, it’s just fine. Haha! Still on the process of mastering make-up. Lol. On the photo above, I only used one layer and I used my clean hands to apply the foundation. My dark circles are really visible af. I tried to put two layers of the foundation and it made the coverage better.

Just a reminder, be sure to get your right shade whether it’s a concealer or foundation. This is not a sponsored post. 😉

Elaine 💋


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