Life Lately Vol. 7


Hi, everyone! I am sorry for not keeping this blog updated for the past few days. I got sick and I only had the time to post this right now. Just in time for  my life lately update. I didn’t expect that I’d get sick this summer.

Quick recap on my life lately..

Night Sky Cinema One with the family

Went to the Puzzle Mansion and Gingerbread House with Fhei and Carla

The usual random dates with Joseph

Bought few things like new sandals, lipstick, shirts, etc.

My Tito’s birthday at Balinsasayaw, Tagaytay City

Mother’s day

Election 2016 here in the Philippines

Review for boards

Rushed to the ER again

I already blogged about our Night Sky Cinema experience here in my blog. If you haven’t read it, you can visit it here. My family and I had an awesome night there and I also got to see Imago live. I filmed a short vlog about that and it’s also in that page.

I also already blogged about our trip at The Puzzle Mansion. I was with my bestfriend, Fhei, and her friend, Carla. You can read our experience here. We also went to the Gingerbread House but I am still working on that post so if you want to know more about the GBH, please do watch out. I am also working on my vlog about this trip. I might post both of it next week.

Just like the usual, Joseph and I still often go out and have food trips. It’s already part of our weekly routine. I also bought some stuffs while we are at the mall. I bought a new pair of sandals from SM Parisian, some books, and a lipstick from Fashion 21. I am thinking of writing a review about it even though it’s a drugstore brand.

I went to Mom last Mother’s day. I have a blog about it. If you haven’t read it, you can check it out here. I really get emotional every time I miss Mom.

The day after Mother’s day was Election Day here in the Philippines. It’s not my first time to vote though. This year’s election was really different because everyone is practicing their right to vote and the fight between the candidates are really tight. Everyone is active in expressing their opinions especially in social media. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing but the election went well, I think 🙂

I also started to review again for board exam last week but for some reasons, I stopped again for a few days because I got sick. I was rushed to the ER because of LBM and vomiting. The doctor diagnosed me with Urinary Tract Infection again. Last December, I was also rushed to ER because of the same diagnosis. Yes, I am so stubborn for getting addicted to sodas and juice. :p I am still taking my medicines but I can I am fine now. I just need to rest more and I’ll starrt to reeviewe again. It’s only 50 days until the board exam.

How about you? How’s your week going? I hope you’re enjoying the rest of the week. If you have some idea or something you wanna see me post, please do comment down below. Godbless! 😉

Elaine 💋


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