Life Lately Vol.6


Many things happened for the past few weeks and it’s all about FOOD! I haven’t done any workout, just pig out! Yay! So much love for food and perks of being unemployed, I can adjust my schedule and go wherever I want to. XD

Quick recap on my life lately..

Lunch date with my Mom’s  friends

Dinner at Healthy Shabu-Shabu, Mall of Asia

Usual random dates with Joseph

Make-up  haul (Drugstore finds)

My Tito and Tita just arrived from Las Vegas

Cindy’s 4th birthday at Shakey’s with the family

Chill with the family at Starbucks, Twin Lakes

Ninong Ian’s departure

Family day out at Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila and Festival Mall

Had lunch at Cafe Creole, Newport Mall with the family

Dinner date with Karissa and Andrea

Watched Descendant’s of the Sun and The Master’s Sun

I really liked my first Shabu-shabu experience! I’ve never tried it before.My Ninang asked me to accompany her because she’s meeting her former high school teacher and some of her high school friends at Mall of Asia. It was a night to remember.

It was our first time at Newport Mall. Before we dropped Ninong Ian at the airport, we had our lunch there first. We dine at Cafe Creole. I loved their pizza! I also ordered S’mores frappe but I got disappointed, I didn’t like it. The sandwich was good as well. After we dropped Ninong Ian at the airport, we went to Festival Mall.

I didn’t post anything last week because my laptop’s charger got broken and I had to buy a new one because it cannot be repaired. Sorry for that! I also got writer’s block even though I already bought a new charger. If there’s anything you want me to post, or anything you want to know about me, just comment it down below. I really need your suggestions.

I also watched the finale of Descendant’s of the Sun. It took me a week to move on! I hope they make a sequel. I really love everything about DOTS. I also watched The Master’s Sun. Joseph recommended it to me and told me I should watch it at night. I didn’t know it was a horror romantic comedy tv series!

Due to my schedule, I haven’t reviewed so much lately but I’ll get back to work as soon as I can. I’ll just double the effort by the next week. Fighting!

I miss the beach already! 💔

Elaine 💋

2 thoughts on “Life Lately Vol.6

  1. Ana

    Awesome blog. Enjoy life and live happy. But start reviewing again lol! Proud of you as always. Keep the faith. God bless you. 😘

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