Life Lately Vol.4


As always, I just stay home most of the time and just do my daily routines. I only go out maybe once or twice a week. I actually prefer to stay home so I can write and focus on my review.

  • Date with my girls, Karissa & AndreaI always look forward in catching up with my girls. We always find a way where we can meet regularly. And for the first time, I was late when we met last March 19! They didn’t believe me when I said there was an accident which caused traffic while I’m on my way to our meeting place. Haha! We bought some clothes and stuffs from the bazaar. We ate at French Baker and talk about some stuffs. Then, we had ice cream at Cold Stone and Andrea ordered pizza from SnR. It’s always a cheat day whenever I am with them. Haha! They are my kind of Kendall-Gigi-Cara. Love you, girls!
  • Random dates with my love, Joseph. Like the usual thing we do every week, we just hangout and eat somewhere we want to. This week, he also helped me with the grocery. We never get tired of each other! Haha. Even if we just sit at the mall or in the car, and just talk about random stuffs. It’s not boring whenever I am with him.
  • Holy Week & Visita Iglesia. Visita Iglesia is like a tradition in the family already. It is where we visit various churches to pray. This year we visited nine churches here in Tagaytay: Tierra De Maria, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Lourdes, Franciscan Missionary of Mary, Dominican House of Prayer, St. Joseph Formation House, Angels’ Hills, San Pablo Theological Formation House, and Divine Word Seminary. There a lot of religous houses here in Tagaytay and we could’ve visited more but it was already late. I only took few photos. We don’t usually go on a vacation whenever it’s holy week.
  • Review. It’s already the end of the month and I am not yet finished with my current reviewer! I said I had to finish it by the end of the month but I guess I can’t do it anymore. I really have to adjust my time schedule again so I can finish this one. It’s just 99 days before the board exam, and I feel like I’m cramming already. Goodness!

So I decided to add this portion to my Life Lately to spice it up and make it a lil less boring. I hope this helps, hah! 🙂


My reviewers. I stopped myself from reading books and other stuffs so I can focus on my studies. But sometimes, I read updates on my wattpad. Just updates. :p


Reviewers and visual aids. I haven’t updated my stories on wattpad. I’m really not in the mood to update it right now. I’m still finding the right flow or the right plot for it.


Save My Soul by Jojo. I really like this song ever since I heard it.


Pained! I’m having a hard time with dysmenorrhea. It’s killing me. I am also having mood swings every now and then. From happy to sad real quick!


A fun-filled vacay at the BEACH! Everyone’s on vacay and I am stuck here in the house. Sad life! I really wanted to go to the beach. It’s summer already and it’s really warm these past few days. I need a quick dip.

I also hope to see my Dad soon. 🙂


Craving for chocolates! I don’t wanna get fat but, really, I’ve been wanting it since yesterday. I even got my Aunt’s chocolates from the fridge. Guilty!


FOCUS! I need to focus on my review. It’s only 99 days before the exam. I really need to get serious with this and I should follow my time schedule.

So there goes my Life Lately Vol 4! What are you up this Holy Week? I hope you enojyed your vacation or whatever you did this Holy Week! Happy Easter Sunday!



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