A Letter To My Younger Self


YouTube started #DearMe as a campaign in honor for International Women’s Day last March 8, 2015. This is where they start to say something about their younger self, 16 year old self to be exact. I know it is last year, but I still wanted to share mine thru this blog.

Dear 16-year-old Elaine,

You were one of my favorite parts in my life. You’re just happy, carefree, and naive. Even though there are some problems you’ve encountered, you’re just a happy-go-lucky girl. Everything was not so serious to you but I guess it’s a normal thing to a teenager who just want to have fun.

One of your problem was going to school on time because you really had a hard time getting up early. Your teachers wonder why you are late most of the time when our house was just half kilometer away. Lol! And even though you don’t have high grades, it’s not a major problem to you. Happy go lucky, indeed! As long as you pass, it’s fine. Your teachers really pushed you to have good grades though, and I know you were thankful for them.

You started fixing your hair and wore contact lenses because you wanna impress everyone yourself. You were vain deep inside, I know. You stopped wearing those thick eyeglasses you used to wear since grade 2. You went to a salon and had your hair rebonded. You were surprised when you changed because you never thought you’ll look good enough. You don’t want the nerdy look anymore but you’re still not into make-up. You just want the thick eyeglasses out and your hair straight.

Even though you are very friendly back then, you are one hell of an emotional teenager. You were not bullied. Actually, you’re another miss congeniality at school. But there was a part in your life that you physically hurt yourself, at the age of 14. I can’t even remember why did you start doing those things. Maybe you’re just confused and very emotional and Mom was very worried with what you’ve done. But I am glad you stopped self harm and you started living a happy life, the life you ever wanted.

You hate your father and you don’t even care about him. You are used in not seeing him or even text him for years. You get annoyed when Mom’s texting him and they are acting kinda sweet. Lol! Bitter, yes.I can’t blame you for that because you have your reason why. You’ve been keeping that hate for a long time with the same old reasons.

I know you learned from the heartbreaks you’ve had. You tried to be the a better girlfriend but you were just too good for them. There’s this one boy who you really liked way back then. Even though you had an on-and-off relationship, it was okay with you. He even had a relationship with one of your girl pal. Until one day, you were the one to give up. After some months, you had another relationship but he turned out to be just like them. Worst is he just left you hanging after your graduation day without a single message. Maybe you’ve been thinking that they didn’t really loved you or even liked you and I guess you’re right. You learned to value yourself. You even told yourself that you won’t have any relationship again unless he is really the one. Lol! She got tired of those relationsh*ts.

You were obsessed with the social media. You had lots of accounts online like Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Friendstertalk, Tagged, Multiply, and many more. You like doing layouts for your Friendster. I can still remember that! You even tried to learn tweaks and codes. You’re into blogging already and photography is one of your hobby. Mom is very supportive with you in your photography thing. You joined photography contests in school and you helped in making the school website. You actually wanted to take up Multimedia Arts or anything related in college but Mom didn’t let you. You also liked reading in Wattpad and other pocketbooks from Precious Hearts Romances. You stay up late because you wanted to finish the whole story in one reading. Lol!

On your graduation day, you cried because you realized you’ll miss the family you had in high school and you wondered what would college life be. You got enrolled in college where you had no idea what you’re actually taking.

But no regrets, I won’t be who I am now if you haven’t done these things. I treasure all of the happy memories you made. Time flies fast and everything has changed but it’s okay. Life is quite a ride, and it will be amazing all throughout.


21 Year Old You


4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Younger Self

  1. princess

    you’re such an awesome girl and brave too! i admire you for being positive in evrythng! thank you for the inspiration ;))

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