Mom’s Second Death Anniversary

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March 15, 2016 was my Mom’s second death anniversary. I still can’t believe it has been two years already. I can still remember the day she passed away, as if the memories is still fresh to me. I can remember every detail and it’s never easy to move on. Many things happened in the past two years and it was never easy for me. I encountered challenges, downfalls, and depression but I knew I need to be strong just like her. I wanted to survive everything and make my dreams come true for her. She’s my role model, superwoman and my bestfriend.


That day, Dad offered a mass for her in the morning at Silang Church while my relatives (her sisters and cousins) and I prepared Filipino delicacies like bilo-bilo and kutsinta .They also cooked palabok. It’s a tradition here in the Philippines to cook something and gather to pray a novena as offering. Some of her friends went here at our house to pray another novena for her. Some remembered her through facebook. They say the miss her so much and I really appreciate every message they post.

We went to the cemetery in the afternoon. I bought flowers for her, like the usual thing I do. I love giving her flowers. It’s like my way of showing my love for her even if she’s not here anymore and I know how much she loves flowers.

The day went well for everyone of us. I reserved that day just for her. Dad was not able to go with us that day because he had to do some other things, so he went to the cemetery this morning. I wasn’t be able to accompany him because I had lbm and woke up late. Maybe, Dad and I can meet again in another day.

Dear Mom,

Two years had already passed, and I still wish you were here with us. Many things already happened to me since you were gone but I am trying to be a strong woman just like you. I am trying to survive everything just for you. You’re my wonderwoman, you’re my bestfriend. I miss you so much, Mom. I miss you so much, sometimes it hurts already. But always remember that I love you and it will never fade. ❤️



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