Life Lately Vol.3


Hi, guys! Here’s my first Life Lately entry for the month of March. Anyway, I’ve decided that I will only post two to three entries each month.

Family Date at Bonifacio High Street. One of my Tito, a balikbayan from Kuwait, invited us for lunch for a get together. It’s very unusual kasi minsan lang sila magkasabay ng uwi dito sa Pinas and they wanted to celebrate it. We just ate at Elias and strolled around. We wanted to go to Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill but we had a hard time looking for a parking space and we’re already tired so we just decided to go home.

Updated my PhilHealth, got my ID and completed my requirements for the upcoming board exam. I accompanied Joseph to get his NBI clearance and at the same time, I went to clarify things for my PhilHealth. In their website, they said that my PIN is not valid. So I decided to go to one of their branches personally. Good thing, it’s not true. The personel gave me my updated MDR and my ID as well. It’s really a relief that my PhilHealth account really exist. I already used it on my first job. I also got my cedula and ID photo as requirements for my board exam.

Grocery Time and mini dates with Joseph. Just the usual things we do. Grocery time and stroll around the mall. Eat at McDonalds’ and food trippin’. 🙂

My cousin’s 13th birthday. I can’t believe my cousin is already 13 years old! Aww! He’s still our baby though! Haha! Anyway, I cooked pasta and made sandwiches on this birthday because he told us that his friends are coming over. We surprised him with a big cake and a cake roll. My Tita cooked the pancit. He liked our little surprise for him! ❤️

Review. Yes, I really do this as my everyday routine already. I need to and I have to.

I am just at home most of the time. Just cook, do the laundry, review, write, and so some stuff. So, how about you guys? How are you? I hope you are all doing fine. 🙂


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