Life Lately Vol.2



I know I’m being inconsistent with my Life Lately! There are days where I don’t really get out of the house. I just do some chores, etc. So here are some things I did for the past two weeks.

TRYING TO GET FIT (again). For the last two weeks of February, I did jog twice or thrice. I want to boost my cardio and stamina because lately, it has been hard for me to walk fast and I could only walk on short distances. Madali akong hinahapo and this is not the usual me. I went our for jog alone twice here on our barangay. And one time, Karissa and I went to Tagaytay City Track and Field Oval to jog last Saturday. I did 4 laps of walk and 1 lap of jog. Progress!

ALONE TIME. Yes, I wanted an alone time last Sunday. I went to Ayala Mall Serin because I’ve been craving for Dakasi’s oreo milk tea with pearls and egg pudding. I also met Honeylyn there, one of my high school buddies.

DROPPED BY AT THE BOOKSTORE WHERE I USED TO WORK.I dropped by there because I I need to buy some review materials. I saw my former manager there and the others as well. It seems like the are really happy to see me again. Aw! A part of me misses them too! We talked for a while and I kept them updated about me. Good thing I dropped by there that day. It’s the last day of my former manager because she already retired from her work. She was so kind and so caring, I wish her the best in life. Yung simpleng tuwa nila nung nakita nila ako, nakakataba ng puso. Alam mong naging mabait ka sa kanila at masipag, at ganun din sila sa’yo. Nagkaroon lang talaga ako ng problem with my family noon kaya ako nagresign. Para ko na din silang pamilya.

REVIEW MATERIALS. I also started working on my review materials. Board exam is fast approaching and I really need to start reviewing. I checked out on PRC’s website and I need to start doing their requirements. Para hindi na hassle pag malapit na ang deadline.

NEW STORY ON WATTPAD. The title of my new story is Blackmail (still temporary). I came up with a new plot and I wrote it last night on wattpad. I know this isn’t the right time to start a new story because I need to focus on my review. I can’t help it! Maybe I can manage writing and reviewing. If want to check my story, here’s the link. — Blackmail

OTWOL FEVER / JADINE IN LOVE. There are so many things that happened with the JaDine family for this month. OTWOL’s last episode was the bomb! They were live in Ynares! How cool was that? It’s not the usual teleserye ending that we used to watch in Philippine television. Aside from the fact that OTWOL has ended, Nadine and James admitted in their Araneta concert that they are now officially a couple! James even said I love you to Nadine that night! So much love for this love team. #TeamReal

I still have no plans for the month of March but one thing’s for sure, REVIEW! Fight! =) Til my next Life Lately. God bless! :*


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