Life Lately Vol.1


I spent my long weekend & Chinese New Year away from home. Last February 6, 2016, I was invited by one of my Ninang to come with them because they’ll be attending a wedding somewhere in Mandaluyong. They already had a reservation at City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati. 

At first, I was hesitant kung sasama ba ako sa kanila. I had my period and I was having bad mood that time, pero sabi ko sige go. I actually wanted to relax away from home kahit three days and two nights lang yun. Most people know how stressed I am with my life. Haha!

It was raining when we left Tagaytay and it was cloudy when we arrived in Makati. We just commuted from Tagaytay to Makati. The City Garden Grand Hotel was a 4 star hotel, which I didn’t know until we arrived there! I was speechless! Nagcheck-in lang kami and we just had some drinks at the roof deck. Then we went to Glorietta for our late lunch slash early dinner at TGIFriday’s. It was my second time to eat there and I already know that their food was superb. We went back to the hotel because Cindy (their daughter) and my Ninong wants to sleep already. That night, my Ninang and I went to the mall nearby, the Century City Mall.

During Day 2, I was just alone in our hotel room. They went to the wedding while I had fun using the bath tub. I’m telling you, we don’t have this at home so I got excited! Lol. Probinsyana feels. Anyway, nothing much on my second day because I just enjoyed the view from our hotel room.

On our last day, we just went to Glorietta for our late breakfast and early lunch. Lol. I also met Krizziel, one of my friend from Ftalk. After 7 years of being online friends lang, we finally met, as in personal. Haha!

I had fun with them. I didn’t feel any stress sa panahong nandun kami. I liked the view, city lights and buildings, well for a change. Wish we can stay there a bit longer, but of course, hind pwede. I had to admit, napaka-probinsyana ko when it comes to vacation lalo na sa isang city. Hindi din naman kami mayaman so I had to admit (again) that I am not used to a hotel or expensive restaurants. But thanks to the people who invited me para maexperience yung mga ganyang bagay. Haha! =)

The next day was the wedding day. They went to the wedding and I was left alone at the hotel. It was my decisiocould stay there longer! Special thanks to my Ninang and to my Ninong for bringing me there. ❤


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