Enchanted Kingdom

Today is our 47th monthsary but we celebrated it in advance yesterday at Enchanted Kingdom. I really wanted to bring him here, it’s really on my relationship bucketlist. Lol.

Enchanted Kingdom is located at Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. Near SLEX and Waltermart.

I’ve been here already for more than a couple of times. My first time was with my Mom’s bestfriends. I was in grade 1, I think. During my high school, we had our field trip here twice, first and third year. And the last time I went here was with my family. I was in fourth year high school back then. EK is really a part of my childhood. It has my memories with my friends and with my family. And now, with my boyfriend as well.

We didn’t bring his car, and we just go there commute. We rode the van from Pala-pala, Dasmariñas, Cavite going to Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The one way fare is just Php 55.00. Upon reaching Waltermart, we walked to the terminal of tricycle going to Enchanted. Tricycle fare is Php 36.00 for the two of us. It’s a bit pricey because it’s not that far from Waltermart. The ticket for ride-all-you-can costs Php 500.00. No students for us anymore! Aw!

And there you go, welcome to Enchanted Kingdom!

We arrived at around 2pm. The weather was really warm and the sun was really soaring up high when we got there. Alright, that’s another tip. If you’re going there by opening time or early in the afternoon, be sure to bring sunblock. The park is not crowded yesterday! I was really amazed because my past experience in the park is the queing line always took us more than 30min to one hour.

Joseph didn’t like the rides that much. Haha. We mostly just strolled around rather than trying all the rides. My most favorite part is the bump car! It’s really fun because I like driving.

I’ve been in this park so many times but I never wanted to try Space Shuttle. And they have their new rides called Air Race. We thought it’s just a simple ride, but we’re both wrong. It is one hell of a ride! The ride it’s self spins and the seat you’re on also rotates!

I am already contented with just watching those ride. Hahaha! But I wanted to try that Air Race, maybe soon. I’ll try to ride that one when I get back.

Kids’ all time favorite, the carousel! Stairway to Heaven feels. Lol!

The first ride for that day was The Swan. Sun bathing slash beach feels because of the weather.

Food court is not crowded too. Their food was a bit pricey but I really like Burgers. We tried their burger, spaghetti and fries. It tastes good! We also bought hotdog sandwhich at one of the stalls near Roller Skater. Tender Juicy is one of my fave. I always get that for free because of the student fare.

Just photos of Wheel of Fate and Riogrande Rapids. My favorite part of this park, aside from bump car, is this Riogrande Rapids. But I didn’t get to try that yesterday. We wanted to go back to Dasmariñas early because we will just commute. Aw! Maybe next time, I will stay until closing time and I will try most of the rides just like the old times. 🙂

I think these photos of us from Grand Central Station are instragram worthy. Lol!  

So that was our little adventure yesterday. Still a kid at heart. I was a happy kid, indeed. It was worth the fun. 🙂 


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