John’s Sip and Toast

img_9307One thing I love about my stay in Manila is the restaurants and foods! And that’s the reason why I am really really fat now. But no regrets! Those foods are worth trying! 😉

Joseph and I were looking for a restaurant one late afternoon because we’re kinda hungry after our Nuclear Medicine exam during our review days. We saw this small restaurant and I checked their menu. We walked out and looked for another restaurant but we came back to this restaurant. Lol to that!

John’s Sip and Toast is located at KB Building, 1 Loyola Street,Sampaloc, Manila. It’s a small restaurant but the ambiance is very good. We ordered Oreo Frappe (Php 90.00), Spaghetii in Tomato Basil Sauce (Php 80.00) and Bubble Waffle Strawberries and Cream (Php 69.00). Please refer to the photos above to see what they look like.


Their Bubble Waffle was their best seller, I guess. It’s definitely a must try! I was expecting the ordinary type of waffle but theirs was different. I also love their whip cream! I can give them an 8.5/10 rating.

This restaurant is really a must try! The food was good and it’s not pricey too. You better add this on your Foodie101 bucketlist! Check out their location, menu and other food reviews here. You can also like their facebook page here!

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