Amo Yamie Crib

AMO YAMIE CRIB is located at Gordi Plaza Bldg, Legarda Street, Quiapo, Manila.

My boyfriend and I went to this restaurant last April. His sister’s dorm is also located at the same building.

Their restaurant is known for their cute, nice and girly, doll-like place. They are also known for their foods and mini wooden mezzanine where most of the students like to hangout during their free time.

I wanted to try their mezzanine but Joseph didn’t want to stay inside because the place is too crowded especially in the late afternoon. We just stayed outside (balcony) instead. That’s one thing I don’t like here, they have many mezzanine but the people there are just too loud. Not a place for students who want to stay and study, I guess.

I had a hard time in choosing our orders since it’s just my first time here. I ordered The 3 Maltesers for Php129.00 and Classic Waffles for just Php 68.00. To me, it’s kinda pricey and the serving is not worth it. You can see it on the photo below. The food presentation was good anyway and the food was good too!



Well, to add in my dislikes is their service. They made us wait for so long before they serve us our orders. The food was already cold and it’s not enjoyable anymore. I just wonder why they serve slow because I know they have many crew that time strolling outside. My first experience here is not really good.

img_8633-0The only food I really liked here is their Pizza Fries. Joseph liked it as well. He loves pizza and fries, and he found the combo thing! Hahaha.

Despite of the cons, I know people would go back here because of the place and I would do the same too. I hope that my next experience with Amo Yamie  will not be the same as the first one.

I’d still recommend this restaurant to you, people! It’s on the Foodie101 bucketlist of every people I know, so you better try it and see for yourself. Bring your friends for more fun! 🙂

You check out their facebook page, instagram account and twitter account too! Just click those links and don’t forget to like their page and follow their account! You can also check out their menu and other food review here.

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