Meet and Greet with Yeng Constantino ♡

One rockin' night with Yeng Constantino. ♡

05/17/13. Last night was a blast! I got to meet the Rockstar Princess, Yeng Constantino, personally. Well, we actually watched her perform live and I even had a CD with her autograph.

At around 5pm, Terence tweeted me that he wanted to go to Robinson’s Tagaytay because Yeng was there. He asked me if I wanted to go. I also asked Fhei if she can come. But she didn’t reply and her phone was out of reach. So we’ve decided not to go. But I really wanted to see her. So I asked Mom if we could go. Luckily, she agreed. We went there at around 6pm. When we go there, they are already selling Yeng’s album. Ate Anna and I bought CDs. I was so amazed when I saw her on stage. Ang puti nya! She’s stunning. She’s not chubby, she’s petite, actually. She performs well live. She totally rocked that night! \m/ After her performance was the autograph signing and picture taking. Since we bought CDs, we also got her autograph and I got to meet and greet her plus pictures! I feel so blessed last night. Beso and hug pa! :”> I love Yeng because her songs have meaning. It’s not nonsense even it is OPM, I don’t find it corny or whatsoever. She sing well too. She loves God above all. And she is simple. 🙂


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